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Actived: Saturday Aug 22, 2020

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The Battle For The Digital Wallet - Forrester · Forrester

Coupons and offers. Digital wallets are likely to offer customers coupons and location-based offers. It’s possible that people will use multiple digital wallets, but it’s easier to imagine most people using one for most transactions. The advantages of being the provider of that digital wallet are likely to be substantial, so over the next

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Why Google Buying Groupon Is a Bad Idea

That’s why Groupon is tackling larger national deals (e.g., buy at your local Gap for 50% off) — because it doesn’t have the scale problem (though ironically the Groupon site crashed that day and there have been many customers grumbling that they had problems redeeming the coupons). To grow, Groupon is also going to have to start putting

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Thinking of launching a daily deal? Just hold that thought

The daily deals concept is receiving just as much press coverage in Europe as it is in the US, so with that in mind we have taken a similar look at the state of the market of deals, flash sales and coupons and found that while there is a great deal in common, there are some notable differences.

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Mobile Gift Cards from Target Corporation

Then you pull the sticker off of the back so you can see the codes. I purchased a $20 gift card. Instructions for using mobile gift cards as well as promotions are on Target.com. Using their available media – Web site – to promote the new offer? Well done. Interestingly though, this site ONLY had instructions for the mobile gift cards.

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How Will You Communicate With Your Customers If They Don't

The right message frequency depends on context. There is no fixed expectation from your customers. You need to use mobile analytics or marketing automation solutions to do A/B testing and define your own best practices. If you are sending out coupons for 10% off my next purchase in a clothing shop, once a month is probably often enough.

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The Grand Trine Redux: Achieving More Effective B2B

This brings me to the second element in the trine: B2B empathy, which is, first, simply the recognition that B2B buyers also troll J.Crew pants online and expect to see 20% off khakis within minutes after their search. But B2B empathy is about more than coupons at checkout.

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Pepsi Mobile Content - Forrester

This application is compelling in that once the user has loaded it on to the phone, the advertiser has a means of pushing out messaging and content to the mobile subscriber. Could also be sweepstakes, trivia, coupons, etc. – opportunities to get mobile subscribers to engage with the brand more frequently.

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The Future Of Mobile Wallets Lies Beyond Payments

In the next three to five years, we expect mobile wallets to take off significantly, becoming a new marketing channel where marketers will mix their offline and online marketing efforts. Instead of replacing merchants’ own integrated apps, mobile wallets will complement them and offer more reach to engage beyond apps and loyal brand aficionados.

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Smart Watches Need (More) Killer Applications

Once I have to carry my drivers’ license, it isn’t much more cumbersome to carry at least a small wallet with a few credit cards, a bus pass, and cash. Identity is the “must have” app to kill off wallets. 5. Health. Wellness applications are too niche to drive adoption of smart watches.

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Xiaofeng Wang · Forrester - Forrester · Forrester

Points And Coupons Are Key To Winning The Loyalty Battle Between Taxi-Hailing Apps Xiaofeng Wang November 5, 2014 Back in June, I published a blog post on the ongoing loyalty battle between taxi-hailing apps in China.

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